Breginjski kot – Breginj Corner

Breginjski kot

Breginjski Kot (“Breginj Corner”) is a valley at the western limit of Slovenia, lying between the villages of Staro Selo and Breginj, and along the border with Italy. The valley is bounded by the impressive Stol mountain to the North and Mt. Mija to the south.

Dotted along the path of the River Nadiža are 13 small villages, including Slovenia’s westernmost settlement, the tiny village of Robidišče. Pristine nature together with rustic culture are what this valley offers to its guests.
Nestled away in the bosom of Breginjski Kot valley, lies the charming village of Podbela. A stone’s throw from the village, Kamp Nadiža sits aside the River Nadiža, or Natisone, as it’s known in Italy. The campsite warmly welcomes all with a love of unspoiled nature and offers the chance to bathe in pristine mountain waters with beautiful clay, shingle and rock forms among which to frolic in the water.

It is even said locally that the river is imbued with certain healing properties… perhaps owing to the presence of the clay along its bed.